Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito

Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito

Congratulations on your Engagement!

There is nothing more wonderful or exciting than planning to spend the rest of your life with someone.

Once you make that decision, celebrate that love with an affair that is uniquely “you”.

As your Wedding Consultant, it will be my honor to guide  you through this special time in your life, ensuring that each detail is meticulously cared for.  Having made a commitment to never execute the same event twice, your wedding day will truly be an expression of who you are as a couple, setting the stage for the rest of your lives.

You know, choosing a Wedding Consultant is not unlike choosing whom you will marry.  You need to like each other, to trust each other.  There needs to be a feeling, that intangible thing that just clicks.

I offer a one hour, complimentary consultation to anyone interested in hiring Andrea Eppolito Weddings and Events.  We can “meet” in person, online, or on the phone, ensuring that you are completely comfortable with me.

As we take this journey together, you will find that my role will change and grow along with your needs.  I will be your planner, your friend, a sounding board and more.

Simply put, I believe in Love.

Elegant.  Timeless.  Eternal.

Everything you are, and hope to be.

By creating experiences that touch the five senses, and infusing them with exceptional services and attention to detail, those experiences become memories embedded in people’s lives.

That is my wish for you…That you have an experience which transcends time and becomes a life-long memory.

I look forward to working with you to make that wish come true.


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