Ricky Gulati & John Sanchez Jr.

Memory Lane Owners Ricky Gulati & John Sanchez Jr. Photo provided by Memory Lane.

In my life, personally an professionally, I am consistently drawn to people who view the world through a “different” set of eyes.  The ability to find an emotion or a memory in the smallest of details, and then capture and share that moment with others who may have missed it is more than a talent.  It’s an art.

Some artists look at the world and see Romance.  Some see Elegance and Glamour. Others see visions of Shabby Chic, or Vintage, or Southern Charm.  And some see…Something else.

Ricky Gulati and John Sanchez, Jr. are the owners of Memory Lane Video, a company specializing in avante-guard wedding cinema.  One of the things I love most about these guys is their total commitment to art and style.  The wheels are always turning as they search their client meetings and  for any little thing to turn into a story.  Known worldwide thanks to their numerous awards, such as Las Vegas Bride’s Videographer of the Year, 2009, and features on everything from The Knot to Luxury Magazine and TLC, Gulati & Sanchez are for the bride looking to push the envelope while still maintaining the integrity of their day.

Through the use of cameras rigged to mini-helicopiters, cutting edge editing, and voice overs from family and friends Memory Lane will tell your story in a way that is both interesting and touching at the same time.

Enjoy a sample of their work and visit their website at http://www.MLVNV.com.