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I am a firm believer in the notion that precious stones and metals carry energy and memories with them, much like people do.  On your wedding day, you will give and receive the most significant pieces of jewelry you will wear in your lifetime, and I love the idea of gifting your bridal party with jewels as well.  Especially the girls!  And I’m not talking about matchy-matchy prom inspired pieces from your local store, I’m talking about truly beautiful jewels worn by celebrities like Demi Moore, Olivia Wilde, Portia De Rossi, and more.  Allow me to introduce you to fabulous Kara Ackerman line!

Few designers do glamorous, affordable creations as well as celebrity-followed Kara Ackerman.  Having first been introduced to her collection on the pages of People magazine, I sent an email with a few questions and was beyond impressed to have received a response call by the designer herself!  She was beyond lovely, and has a passion creating pieces not only for the Hollywood elite, but for people like you and me!  Since then, I have gifted her pieces to my mother on her 60th birthday, my friends for various lifetime milestones, and I was lucky enough to receive one of her gold and diamond bangle bracelets from my Beloved as a gift.

A few weeks back while indulging in a little late-night online shopping I came across her Brooke Collection Pave Cocktail Ring and thought, “Gosh, that looks like Bella’s engagement ring from Twilight.  How fun would it be to give that to bridesmaids in a dramatic wedding party?”  Then I shopped some more.  Suddenly, everything on her page became the perfect bridesmaid piece! The Judie Collection Freshwater Pearls would be stunning for a preppy-meets-shabby-chic bridal party, and the “New” Jennifer cuff bracelet practically begs to be worn to a beach wedding!  And, just for fun, you can always swap the “New” Brooke Knot with your girls – It’s the junior high school friendship bracelet all grown up with a sophisticated finish!

All photos courtesy of Kara Ackerman.

Reminiscent of the Twilight Engagement Ring

The Brooke Pave Ring - Reminiscent of Twilight's Engagement Ring


64" Freshwater Pearls from Kara Ackerman

Kara Ackerman 64 Inch Judie Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Kara Ackerman - Begs for the beach!

"New" Jennifer All Natural Pearl Cuff. This belongs at a beachside ceremony

"New" Brooke Knot serves as a stylish, sophisticated friendship bracelet

The Kara Ackerman collection includes everything from posts, studs, necklaces, stackable rings (LOVE them) and everything in between!  Your bridesmaids will feel like a celebrity wearing their gifts as they stand up in your wedding. Visit http://www.karaackerman.com to see the entire collection.

And while you’re there, pick yourself up a little something, too… 🙂  Happy Shopping!