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Welcome to Ask Andrea!

Over the years, I have been asked questions ranging from the seemingly simple (example:  Which side does the bride stand on?) to the more complex (example:  What is the best way to handle my newly divorced parents?) while planning weddings and celebrations throughout the country.

And now, I want to open the forum for questions and answers to everyone.  Brides, grooms, family and friends!  Even wedding planners and vendors!  This is the place you can come to ask the silly question or start an honest conversation.  The voice and tone of the questions is going to vary, and the answers (I hope) will run the gamut from silly, serious, sarcastic, and then some.  I hope I am able to educate and entertain you, and maybe make wedding planning a bit better along the way.

For complete anonymity, email me directly.  Andrea@EppolitoEvents.com

The lines are open!  So…Go ahead!  Ask Andrea!