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Enchanted Florist

If you have yet to be introduced to the team at Enchanted Florist, Las Vegas, then please let me do the honors!

I have been a long-time admirer of their work, but had never had the opportunity to visit their showroom.  I didn’t know quite what to expect and was open for to anything.  Which was a good thing!  From the big, fuchsia pink truck parked prominently out front to the Zen-like table arrangements, framed informational explaining their Green Practices, and vintage meets modern meets rockabilly meeting room complete with full on AV and display books, this was everything you would hope to find in a company built by artists and nothing you would expect!  Oh, and up on a high shelf in the corner, a couple of furry stuffed animal owls. You have to ask about the owls!  They are adorable!

Teresa (one of two owners) and Mo (the Event Specialist) took me through the history of their company, a slide show of their work, an overview of their business practices. Around back, they toured me through their warehouse and were completely open to letting me pick up and touch and play with virtually anything and everything.  From the larger than life custom chuppah to the crystal chandeliers and gorgeous place settings, Enchanted Florist has nearly everything you could want and more.  And if they don’t have it, they will make it, rent it, buy it, or create it!

I left (after an embarrassingly long visit) and couldn’t wait to blog all about them.  But I got caught up in the photos and just couldn’t decide which of their creations to feature. Should I should the deep dark red displays or the classically elegant all white installation?  Something seasonal or maybe an entire theme built around a tiny tattoo (again, ask about the owls!)?  I couldn’t decide, so in a moment of floral schizophrenia, I am attaching a wide range of photos and an official little blurb.



All photos courtesy of the Enchanted Florist Facebook Page.

Enchanted Wedding Reception

"Enchanted" Wedding Reception

Crystals, Red Roses, Chocolate, Wedding Reception

Trees dripping with Crystals and Red Roses - Drama!

Gorgeous floral and crystal centerpiece

Centerpiece featuring floral balls and dripping in crystals

Leonidas Roses, Tall Vase

Classically Elegant Tall Rose Centerpiece

Low Display Enchanted Florist

Simple, elegant, beautiful.

From Enchanted Florist:

Enchanted Florist is Las Vegas’ Premier floral boutique. Owners Kathryn Null and Teresa Stewart are dedicated to the creation of unique and expressive floral designs to enhance all environments. Enchanted Florist has worked with such well-known organizations as MTV, The Hilton, Vera Wang, Elton John, Americas Next Top Model,Tyra Banks, Bette Milder, Louie Anderson and the Las Vegas Convention center, American Idol, The Las Vegas Trump Towers, and The Las Vegas Wynn Hotel.  Every arrangement is special to their hand picked staff and they are excited to work with you.