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Congratulations ~ You have successfully and stylishly announced your engagement!  Family and friends swoon as you proudly show off your sparkler, recounting every touching moment of your beautiful proposal.  They naturally ask about wedding plans, and you excitedly tell them that you will be getting married in Las Vegas.  Friends and family are (mostly) thrilled, but you still get the occasional “Vegas?  Really?”

Las Vegas had long been synonymous with quick and easy weddings, devoid of the glamour and artistry associated with other major metropolitan cities.  This thinking dates back to a time in the early 1940’s and 50’s when we had only a handful of chapels, playing host to a mere 20,000 weddings a year.

Today Las Vegas proudly serves as the backdrop for over 115,000 nuptials annually.  What the city offers is virtually limitless and unmatched anywhere in the world!

  • Over 140,000 beautiful hotel rooms, 4 & 5 Star Resorts
  • 9.8 million square feet of resort function space
  • James Beard Award Winning Chefs
  • World-Class Catering Departments
  • Award Winning Wedding Planners, event designers, photographers, florists, DJs, and other professionals
  • Entertainment in the form of gambling, shows, nightclubs, etc.
  • Over 60 Gold Courses throughout the valley
  • Convenient travel for friends and family spread far & wide

Today, a Las Vegas Bride walks down an aisle lushly covered with rose petals, to the sounds of a live harpist, and recites her vows surrounded by friends and family under amber lighting.  “Rubber chicken” wedding meals have given way to meticulously planned tasting menus and wine pairings. Master mixologist create cocktails unique to the couple, served in fine crystal.  Florals and linens are imported, lighting is set, and musical options include everything from celebrity performers, DJs, live bands, and jazz trios.

So, as you plan your Las Vegas destination wedding, close your eyes and envision a candlelit aisle, rich woods, and lush floral displays.  Design a menu featuring your favorite comfort food served alongside avant-garde chef specialties.  Can’t decide whether you should have a big-band entertainer or a DJs take the stage? Book both, and delight in knowing that they will work together to give your guests the biggest party they have ever seen as your custom designed monogram swirls across the dance floor…

With each and every detail looked after and cultivated by some of the most talented individuals in the world.

Too much?  Perhaps you’re choosing Vegas to escape the pomp and circumstance of a traditional wedding, and your idea of romance is just the two of you (and an Elvis impersonator) outside of the courthouse.  Well, if that’s the case – Don’t worry.  We still do that, too.

And we do it better than anyone anywhere else in the world.