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As soon as I finished writing the The Art of Engagement I thought, “Well, that’s only half of the story…”

After the Art of Engagement comes The Announcement.

After all questions have been asked and answered comes the excitement of telling those closest to you the good news.  Even if, unbeknownst to you, they have been in on it all along, the telling of your story is a chance to share the infectious excitement with those around you.

Years ago, engagements were announced formally, complete with engraved stationary and a feature in the local paper.  I, personally, still love the formality of a papered announcement, but with today’s technology (and sometimes complicated social structures) it is more likely that your friends and family will find out through a mass text, Facebook posting, or TwitPic!

Your parents and siblings should be the first to be told (in person if possible).  Once you have announced it to them, you can ask that they spread the word to extended members, such as aunts, uncles, and cousins.

To share your news quickly (and appropriately), consider the following:

*Upload a video and email to your friends and family.  You may choose to do this via text, as well, if you aren’t near a computer and just can’t wait!

*Send an e-Card with a short note.

*Create a wedding website.  No need to get elaborate – Just select a layout, upload a picture, and sent to friends and family with a note saying that there is more news to come.

*If you can stand to keep the secret a for a day or so, call friends over for an impromptu party and announce the news during cocktails.

*When making your announcement to at work, similar etiquette applies.  Tell your boss privately first and ask their suggestion on the most appropriate time to announce.  Everyone will want to see your ring and hear all of the details, so you want to make your announcement at a time that will interfere least with work.

One of my favorite engagement announcements took place as a part of an elaborate proposal!  It involved an enterprising groom who proposed privately in a hotel suite, and then lead his fiance to dinner, where a handful of family and friends were waiting as a sweet surprise!

And, of course, you may wish to simply not say anything, and let the sparkler speak for itself!  But I warn you, it will be a hard secret to keep!