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This one is for the boys…Or, in some cases, the girls!

I have had the extreme honor of helping a group of amazing, romantic men propose to the women they love.  Setting the stage for these magical proposals has meant the world to me.  What gesture is more romantic than asking someone to spend the rest of their lives with you?

So often we focus on the bride, on the ring, on the dress.  Well, if the wedding is “the Bride’s Day” then the proposal, in many ways, is the Groom’s.  The very act of asking has become an art form, and seeing men so dedicated to being a hero in that moment for the women they love is breathtaking.

Some proposals have happened quickly.  I was once called on a Thursday by a groom-to-be who had staged a faux-girl’s weekend for his love.  With the best friend in on it, we lured her to a private balcony, a carpet of red rose petals, and table for two overlooking The Strip.  Others proposal have taken longer to orchestrate.  For example, on one occasion the ring wasn’t quite ready in time for Christmas.  My fast-thinking groom decided not to propose without the bling, and presented his girlfriend with a trip to Las Vegas instead, complete with special dress to wear to their dinner.  Several months later, she put on that dress, and when they arrived at their destination we had recreated Christmas for them, complete with a tree, twinkle lights, tinsel, and a very sparkly, be-lated gift!

And one proposal that, admittedly, I had little to do with, took place over a Thanksgiving Day dinner with my best friend proposed to his now wife, because she was what he was truly thankful for!  I may have missed out on the proposal, but I got to plan the wedding!

Planning a proposal is not unlike planning a wedding.  Put thought into where and how you are going to ask the question.  Guys, know your audience!  And by that, I mean, your girl!  If she is shy and hates to be the center of attention then having the ring brought out on a platter with dessert in the middle of a 5 Star restaurant is probably a bad idea.  Does she come from a tight-knit family that means the world to her?  Then proposing at a family affair (after asking her father’s permission) may be perfect.  In all cases, see if you can get someone to take a few sneaky snapshots or video for you.  You’ll love looking back on the moment together, and it can serve as amazing inspiration for your engagement announcements, wedding stationary, or even theme!

No matter how long, how elaborate, or how personal the proposal, the true beauty is that for a moment there is one man loving a woman enough to do anything to make her happy.

And a moment (or two) later…there is a woman who just says “Yes!”