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Every couple has a love story.   The who, what, when’s and where’s of their life together.  The little things that turned a “you” and a “me” into an “us” and a “we”.

But how do you tell that story?

The most obvious way is through your program, with each of your contributing a short paragraph about your relationship.  And then there are the vows, where you may blend the traditional “love, honor, and cherish” with the personal “I vow never to attempt xyz again”.

Subtle peaks into your history create conversation and leave a lasting impression on your guests.  Pull from your day to day life, and turn Are you classic movie buffs?  Print black and white pictures from your favorite film noir, place them in elegant silver frames, and set in unexpected places such as the bar, rest rooms, near the guest book and cake.  Wine lovers who fell in love during a trip to Napa Valley?  Contact a local sommelier and book them for your cocktail hour.  They can set up a tasting table, providing samples and education to your guests as they mingle and enjoy hors d’oeuvres.  Art buffs may bring in a local sketch artists, or hang blown up prints of their favorite works as wall decor.  Avid readers may have their favorite passages printed on everything from menus to napkins and more.

When my mother married my father, their traditional Italian-American wedding kicked off with a cocktail reception featuring a raw bar with lobsters dressed as Carmen Miranda – and ode to having met in Puerto Rico, and foreshadowing the honeymoon they were taking in Acapulco.  It’s been nearly almost 40 years, and people still talk about that one little detail.

The opportunity to personalize your wedding is as limitless as your love for one another.

This is your love story.  Tell it your way.