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Welcome to Andrea Eppolito Weddings & Events.

I’m so glad you found me…Thank you!

The days and weeks leading up to your wedding will be all about you.  But I firmly believe that in order to work together, we need to get to know each other, to like each other, and understand one another.  I want you to feel completely comfortable with me.  And so, today, I thought we’d start with me.

Today I am in my office, proudly drafting my first blog entry as the Founder and Chief Designer of Andrea Eppolito Weddings and Events. Today, my two year old little boy is chasing the dog on his scooter, trying to carry more than 3 cars in his arms at a time, while singing about dinosaurs.  Today, I have been sharing my life with his amazing father for 5 years, 10 months, and…22, 23, 24…24 days.  Yes, I can pinpoint the moment I fell in love with almost everything in my life…

I fell in love with weddings at 15 years old. I had been planning my Sweet 16 for two years, carrying my Inspiration Book everywhere, obsessing over every flower, every linen, every favor. One day a friend’s mother asked if she could see it.  As she flipped through the pages, she smiled and said, “This is good.  You should be a wedding planner.”

A wedding planner?  You mean I could do this…For a living?  Forever?  When I was offered the chance to work the reception desk at a wedding event, I jumped at the chance.

That was all it took.  I was hooked.

That was (gasp!) almost 20 years ago, and weddings have been my passion ever since.  I fell in love with every aspect of weddings.  The engagement.  The jewelry.  The flowers and photography, menu and music. The vows.  I love the vows.

But most importantly, I fell in love with the love stories, and how each wedding told a different one. Each detail like a secret, whispering something about who these two people were and are, and who they hope to become together.

A wedding is not just a wedding.  It’s a love song.  A wish.  A prayer and a meditation.

Andrea Eppolito Weddings & Events is my dream, two decades in the making. And so it begins…

I have realized my dream.

Now, it’s time to focus on yours…